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What was the origin of the BeReal4Compost project?

The world has a big problem with waste management. Every year, we make millions of tons of waste. Soil, air, ocean and groundwater pollution all resulting in hazardous circumstances for people and animals living on this earth. Plastic waste can last a long time and is dangerous for sea animals. Old electronics can leak harmful stuff, and rotting food in dumps makes a gas that’s bad for the air. Many places do not handle waste well, making the problem worse. In order to resolve this problem, we need to make less waste, recycle more, and find better ways to deal with our waste.


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Work on projects to protect the environment and fight climate change.

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Make learning in jobs and schools more flexible.

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About the project

BeReal4Compost is a project aimed at giving power to young people in starting and running composting projects in their countries. This includes making connections and learning useful skills. The goals are to motivate young people to engage in the climate fight, promote composting to reach EU waste targets, raise awareness about sustainable bio-waste systems, and promote connections and learning between countries with varying bio-waste management success. They seek to develop youth leadership in achieving a zero-waste Europe and underline EU composting strategies and practices.

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